Seafrigo is a family owned company established in Le Havre, France, in 1976. What once started as an export activity of French food is now a global food logistics corporation with offices in the major ports around the world and logistics centers in Le Havre, New York, Miami, Hong Kong and Melbourne. The focus of the business is air- and sea freight and tempered storage and handling. Together with strategic partners on the local market we are able to take control and assume responsibility for your shipment from door to door.

In the fall of 2016, Seafrigo Nordic AB was established to serve the Nordic market. 

Sea freight

Seafrigo Nordic offers transport of temperature controlled containers (reefers) via all ocean carriers to and from the Nordics. Through our continuous dialogue with all the major carriers and our global purchasing volume we should always be able to offer competitive quotes. However, even more important, we go the extra mile to maintain the highest level of service. Disruptions in a perishable supply chain can ruin great values. Therefore we have contingency plans to secure space and equipment, we monitor shipments all the way to the agreed point of delivery and work integrated with our local offices to obtain a smooth import and delivery process.


Seafrigo offers temperature controlled part loads (from 1 pallet) from the Nordics to 13 destinations around the world. We organize pick-up across the Nordics and facilitate transport to Le Havre where the goods is consolidated and loaded in reefers. The reefers are shipped according to a fixed schedule, to most destination every fortnight. In the receiving port our local office handles clearance and last-mile distribution. Ideal for limited quantities, to start an export activity or to face punctual needs, LCL groupage is a good intermediate solution between a FCL and air shipment in terms of cost and flexibility. Today we have services to the following destinations (temperature in brackets):

  • New York (-20°C/+3°C)
  • Montreal (-20°C/+3°C)
  • Vera Cruz (+3°C)
  • Valparaiso (+3°C)
  • Tokyo (-20°C/+3°C/+15°C)
  • Kobe (+3°C)
  • Hong Kong (-20°C/+3°C/+15°C)
  • Shanghai (-20°C/+3°C)
  • Singapore (-20°C/+3°C/+15°C)
  • Busan (-20°C/+3°C)
  • Melbourne (-20°C/+3°C)
  • Fort de France (+3°C)
  • Pointe des Galets (-20°C)

Please contact Magnus Mohlin or Peter Jönsson, tel+46(0)42 400 55 10 for more information.